What is PHP Matsuri

"PHP Matsuri" is a Hackathon style event which is evolved from "CakePHP Conference*" and "CakePHP Matsuri*". We'll have hot technical sessions and 24hours hack time in same venue. Please join us, meet hackers and show your hack on 2nd day. Join us, and meet many php hackser in Tokyo / Japan.
*Those photo are taken by iogi and tsukimiya.

Videos from last year


2011/10/15 Sat to 2011/10/16 Sun (1night and 2days)


We'll publish detail schedule later. This schedule is just outline.

   ### DAY 1 ###
  9am    Registration
  10am    Keynote and Introduction
  11am    Session
  12noon Lunch Time
  13pm    Hack start
  13pm    Sessions and Workshop (to 19pm)
  19pm    Dinner
  20pm    Hack time (to next noon)
  ### Day2 ###
  7am    Breakfast
  12noon lunch,  Demo registration close.
  13pm    Demo starts (3minutes each)
  17pm    Ceremony, Closing.


There are various tech sessions which relate to PHP, Cloud, Social Application and Application Framework.Every session provide in Japanese or English/Japanese interpretation. We'll announce more sessions before the day.

  • "Titanium Mobile" by Yuichirou Masui
  • "CakePHP2.0" by Graham Weldon
  • "Symfony2" by Fabien Potencier

And more (Cloud, Social Application..)

Hack Demo

After 24hours hack time,Every attendee will show their demo of hack in 3minutes You can show anything you hacked. web service, plugin, library, document translation,benchmarks, etc…


We'll select winners from hacks based on category. Winner will get shiny prize.


Hotel Cosmosquare KOKUSAI KOURYU center
559-0034 OsakaFu Suminoeku Minami kohoku 1-7-50



We will open registration and payment page soon. You can purchase admit by paypal & twitter.Our admit will include accommodation. Follow us on twitter to catch update.